Saturday, October 15, 2011

My smart girl

Today me and my Mom were giving Vaquera a couple horse cookies and my Mom joking around put one of the treats in her hand and put both hands out closed and said " Vaquera which hand is it in ?" Not joking at all, Vaquera smelled the one hand first and then smelled the other and nudged the hand that my Mom had the treat in! She is so smart ! I love her so much ! ♥

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One month Anniversary !

Today marks 1 month that I've owned my Vaquera! I love her so much ! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hugs and pure happiness !

I got the biggest hug today from Vaquera over the fence. :) <3 I was petting her and giving her kisses and telling her that I love her so much and she put her head and put in right on my shoulder and left it there for almost a minute long. There are no words to describe the feeling I get when I get hugs from her or any horse. I just can feel unconditional love and I smile so big from the inside out. She makes me so happy !! There is no greater feeling in the world than having a best friend who is always there for you,  you can always count on no matter what. Thank God for her and Horses. I truly would be just an empty and unhappy shell without them. Like I always say, " I need Horses like I need air to breathe". I LOVE HER AND HORSES SO MUCH !    

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st, 2011

It will be a month on October 4th that I got my Vaquera ! I still can't believe that she's my horse !! The first couple of days she was confused on where she was at after being at Molly's for a couple of months. She would whinny and run and make me worried that she was lonely and not happy. Then after about 2 weeks, she started making friends with Shilo and Doc next door. Everyday when I let Bj's horses out, they all get together and groom each other over the fence, stand next to each other, and even graze next to the fence together. At first all of her attention was on her buddies and that made me feel left out but then, a routine started happening where Vaquera would come up to me more and more and love to be with me. After spending as much time as I could with her, she now knows me and comes right up to me and let's me brush her, put fly spray on her, scratch her, give her treats, .. ect. She has never stopped giving me hugs since I first met her. She puts her head on my shoulder just like Flicka did. It is the best feeling in the world !! Vaquera does funny things too just like Flicka. One day I had just filled up her water trough and I heared this funny noise and looked over and she was taking her lips and grabbing the water with them playing with her water ! The other funny thing she does is when I wheel my wagon in the pasture to poop scoop, she will push the wagon with her nose as if she's helping me pull it ! She loves wagons and rubs her head on them. At first the noise kind of scared her but she got used to it fast. I discovered that she loves music. I bring out a little battery opperated radio and put country music on when I'm poop scooping her pasture and she stands right next to it ! One other funny thing is, I have a little tack shed in her shelter that has a couple of windows in it and she stands right in front of the window on the right and looks into it like a mirror ! BJ showed me that she knows how to bow and I thought that was really neat ! Last month I got her feet trimmed ( Which went really well), and also dewormed her for the first time ( with the help if BJ). I worked with her a little bit on groundwork doing Parelli's circling game. I just bought her a purple Parelli halter so I can't wait to start using it and working with her more and more. Vaquera love carrots, and horse cookies and we have became best friends fast ! I love her so much ! One other thing is that she loves the rain and to roll ! She has 2 big shelters to go in but chooses to stand out in the rain. After the rain, she rolls in the mud ans get's all muddy so that's always fun to try and get off ! HAHA !! She's so funny and loving !! I love her personality and everything about her ! Due to her past of moron so called "Trainers" who scared her all the time, she get's scared of things easy but, she has overcome a lot since she's been here ! She's getting used to hearing people in the distance shooting guns, and noises aren't bothering her much anymore so that is a BIG relief ! Everyday get's better and better ! I bought her a Jolly Ball to play with. She hasn't played with it yet but, I'm hoping that she will. I thank God for her every single day and always look forward to seeing her beautiful face and whinny every morning as I'm giving her her breakfast and when I'm giving her supper.

The day I got my Vaquera.

One of the best days of my life.

On September 4th, 2011, as I was helping my neighbor BJ clean her horses stalls, I got the biggest surprise of my life. I was starting to scoop out Doc's ( A chestnut Quarter horse gelding) stall that morning and she asked me " When did your Dad say that you could get your horse?". I said " I'm not sure he hasn't told me yet. I've just been waiting until he told me that I could start looking." "Well, I might have a horse for you" BJ said. " My eyes grew big and I said " Really?!!" " Do you remember that mare that was here with Shilo ( Her palomino Quarter horse gelding) just before you bought the house you're living in now that I told you about?" She asked. " Yeah I kind of remember her. " Well, Molly ( BJ's friend and now my farrier) and I, were talking and we thought that she would be a perfect horse for you. She's a 5 year old Paso Fino grey mare named Vaquera ( Meaning Cowgirl in Spanish, and we would like to give her to you if your parents say it's okay. We don't want any money for her, just a good home." I could not believe my ears !! I was in shock and called my Mom right away all excited and hoping after all I went through with losing my first horse Flicka and waiting forever to be able to get another horse, and to be able to have them at home, that it would finally be able to happen. I thought to myself " her age is perfect, our little over 2 acre pasture is fenced, and has shelters this time., I'm earning money helping my next door neighbor with her horses so I should be able to help pay for the cost of her so please God, let my parents say yes !". I called my Mom and told her the whole story and that BJ wanted to talk to her and my Dad to tell them all about the horse and to see what they would say. So finally my Mom and Dad went into her living room and sat down and BJ told them all about her. Afterwards, My Dad and I walked to the pasture to look around and see if it worked out, ideas of which one of the shelters I wanted to make her hay storage and what one I wanted to keep as her shelter. After talking about it, BJ, my Dad, and I started cleaning out the stalls and pasture to make it ready just in case. In the afternoon after lunch, I learned that I finally got my dream come true !! My parents agreed and I started making the pasture as perfect as I could. It was Sunday and I learned that I would be getting Vaquera on Tuesday because Molly was in Pagosa Springs doing a trail ride. Later on, I said to BJ, " Man I wish I was getting her today or go see her." A little later on, I was outside with my Mom saying Goodbye to her because she was going to the store and I loked over and saw BJ hooking up her horse trailer to her truck but I thought nothing of it and figured that she was taking one of her horses to an appointment or something. I was wrong !! BJ cam eover and said " Are you leaving to town with your Mom?" I said " No I was just saying Goodbye to her because she's going to the store". " Let's go get your pony !!" BJ said. I looked up at her in shock and said " Are you serious ?!!" "YEAH ! Let's go get her ! I called Molly and asked if she cared when we picked Vaquera up and she said no !" I started crying and couldn't believe it !! So I ran into the house shaking with excitement and crying tears of Joy and grabbed my new halter and Parelli Leadrope. BJ and I drove her white ford pickup and white horse trailer to Molly's house which was only 9 miles away and we walked up to one of the pens and I saw people trying to catch her and asked BJ " IS THAT HER?!! " "Yep !" BJ said. " She's BEAUTIFUL !! " I said. BJ put on a black parelli halter and a leadrope that she had in her trailer and put it on Vaquera and we let her have a drink of water before taking her out of the pen with the other horses. We lead her out of the pen and BJ had to go talk to some of the people at Molly's place so she had me lead Vaquera towards the horse trailer and wait for her. At first I was a little worried because it was my first time handling her and I didn't know if she would be hard to keep still. I was worried for nothing ! Vaquera stood so well next to me and it gave us time to bond right off the bat. I was petting her and she was smelling me and giving me hugs !! We bonded right away !! So after BJ got done talking, we loaded Vaquera in the trailer ( Which she loaded really easy !!) and we drove home !! BJ drove into her driveway and we walked vaquera over to my pasture. Shilo and Doc whinnied with excitement to see her and she whinnied back to them! I led her in to my pasture and gave her fresh water. I spent the whole afternoon until dark with her petting and bonding with her. This was one of the best days of my life. vaquera and I have bonded so well and I thank God each and everyday for her. She reminds me so much of Flicka. Vaquera hugs me, and follows me around everywhere ! I love her so much with all my heart just like Flicka and I still can't believe that she's mine !! She is a sister for sure of Flicka and I am so blessed and thankful for her. What BJ and Molly did for me I can't put into words. They gave me my life back again. I feel so happy and my heart feels whole again ( even though everyday I miss my Flicka so much and always will). Vaquera and Flicka are sisters and I think God and Flicka both sent me Vaquera. This day is one I will NEVER forget !!