Thursday, March 15, 2012

I had a wonderful day with my Vaquera ♥. We worked on groundwork doing our lunging left and right, backing up, and leading. I brought in a wooden pole and set it at an angle for her to jump and walk over. She was being so funny when we were lunging. She had a lot of play in her and she wanted to show off to her horse buddies next door. She was bucking and trotting on her own and was enjoying it so... much. She got tons of praise, rubs, hugs, some carrots, and a good brushing afterwards. Then I got the pasture spotless and gave her her supper. I was out until sunset and sure enjoyed my day. Thank God for the beautiful weather and all the wonderful times i'm having with my baby. ♥ So glad spring is just about here ! ♥ :) I love my Vaquera so so much. She brings me so much joy !!