Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's been a while since i've blogged. Things have been going really wonderful with Vaquera and I. She's been such a sweetheart and just makes me the happiest girl in the whole world. She is my best friend and my everything. Her nickers to me bring the biggest smile to my face. :D  ♥ Yesterday, when it was blanketing time I went and grabbed her halter to put it on her and she followed me side by side and... stopped and dropped her head on her own and almost put her halter on herself ! It was so neat !!When I needed to get to her leg strapped hooked on her blanket, she was close to the fence and I said out loud " How am I gonna get to this side to get it hooked on?" As soon as I said that not kidding at all, she moved her hip over for me on her own. It made me so proud that I didn't have to touch her to make her move her hip over she just did it by me asking out loud with words !! I also got to give her a hug and kiss on her nose and boy did it make me extremely happy !! ♥ She is just incredible !! My best Friend for sure. ♥ The day before that, she was loving my Mom petting her and sctarching her ears, and she made us laugh so hard, she yawned about 4 times in a row. Also that day we had a touching moment where I was petting her and she was getting sleeping and she gently laid her head on my leg. Such a heart melting moment ! God I love her so so much !!

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